Tooth pain- Westlake, OH- Westlake Family Dental CareA toothache is possibly one of the most uncomfortable and unwanted pains a person can experience.  Common symptoms that constitute an emergency are pain upon biting, intense pain in response to hot or cold temperatures, spontaneous sharp pain or throbbing that may keep you from sleeping, and facial swelling.  A tooth that breaks can also be considered an emergency, especially if the tooth is bleeding and/or painful.

Typically, treating dental pain requires a root canal and filling or crown, or the tooth may need to be pulled.  The dentist will take an x-ray and evaluate your symptoms to determine the best course of action.  If the painful tooth does need to be extracted, we can discuss a variety of replacement options, including immediate temporary replacement and permanent replacement.

If you are experiencing pain from a tooth or any other part of the mouth, please call (440) 835-0011 to get an appointment as soon as possible.

After-hours emergency services are always available to our established patients.

If you have severe facial swelling that is causing you to have trouble breathing, go to the emergency room immediately.