Westlake Family Dental Care is an office for the whole family, including kids!  It is important that children start visiting the dentist as soon as all of their baby teeth erupt.  This helps them to be comfortable at future visits, as well as to detect early decay and instruct parents on how to help care for their child’s teeth.

Your child’s dental visit can vary depending on their age and behavior.  Our youngest patients, ages 2-4, can sometimes be shy and will have a better dental experience if they first just visit the office and meet the doctors and staff.  This can be done by bringing your little one to your own dental appointment.

Once your child is comfortable sitting in the dental chair on their own, we will make sure their baby teeth and permanent teeth are coming in normally, check for cavities, and look for variations in jaw growth that may require orthodontic treatment.  Often, our doctors can detect growth abnormalities early on in childhood that would eventually lead to crooked teeth or a poor bite.  Early intervention with orthodontic appliances can help avoid more involved treatment in the future.

When your child’s permanent molars erupt, typically ages 6-13, our team may suggest putting sealants on these teeth.  Sealants are a non-invasive method proven to drastically lower the chance of cavities forming on the biting surfaces of teeth.  They are most effective when they are placed soon after the permanent molars erupt.

We also make custom athletic mouthguards, which are perfect for your little (or big!) athlete.  These mouthguards are custom fit to your child’s teeth, which makes it more comfortable and more likely to be worn during athletic activity and protect the teeth from injury.  Our mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors and with your team’s logo added!

If your child does need a filling, sealants, a mouthguard, or any other kind of treatment, our team is excellent at making kids comfortable and helping them have a great dental visit.