Dentist Holding Teeth ModelTransform your smile with the help of Westlake Family Dental Care. Whether you wish to undergo a simple whitening procedure or require more complex cosmetic dental services like veneers, we can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

General Dentistry

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, we provide general dentistry services, including oral exams, teeth cleanings, crowns, bridges, digital x-rays, fillings, and sealants. Your initial oral exam will include charting, periodontal charting, x-rays, and diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps to restore teeth and create a brighter, more beautiful smile. We offer a full scope of cosmetic dental services, including veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, and cosmetic contouring. Cosmetic dentistry is ideal for discolored, crooked, broken, or misshaped teeth.

Specialty Dentistry

We specialize in many areas of advanced dentistry to meet the unique needs of all our patients. Our specialty dentistry services include oral surgery, Invisalign, extractions, root canal, dentures, pediatrics, implants, gum disease treatment, endodontics, braces, and scaling and root planing.

Dental Emergencies

If you’re facing a dental emergency, we can help. Whether you’re experiencing the pain of a toothache or have suffered from an accident that caused injury to your teeth or other oral tissues, our emergency dentist will see you right away to remedy the problem.

At Westlake Family Dental Care, we aim to provide you with experienced dentistry in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 440-835-0011440-835-0011, or request an appointment online.

Recent High-tech Innovations

Westlake Family Dental Care has recently added new technologies to help make our patients more comfortable and relaxed:

New X-ray Unit:

With the opening of our expanded office we have installed a Sirona Orthophos XG5 x-ray unit. That may sound fancy but what it means is that no longer will we be placing the x-ray film sensor inside your mouth. Instead, the entire x-ray process is done from the outside of the mouth. No more gagging and discomfort for your x-ray examination.

New Impression Method:

Another recent innovation is the Itero Element Digital Impression System. Instead of placing impression material in a tray and waiting for it to set while it’s inside your mouth, the Itero has a digital scanner that simply takes a picture of your tooth or teeth for a crown, a bridge, or for almost anything we take impressions for. It’s quick, it’s comfortable, and best of all, it is highly accurate.

Soft Tissue Laser:

The NV Diode Laser is a type of laser that we can use on the gums to contour misshapen areas to provide an improved cosmetic appearance or to remove overgrowths of gum tissue. Additionally, at a different setting this laser can alleviate the pain and intensity of cold sores, canker sores and the like. If you are suffering from a canker sore, call the office as soon as possible to have it lasered. The relief is instantaneous.

Athletic Mouthguard Program

We here at Westlake Family Dental Care offer custom mouthguards to our patients who participate in the many sports programs. For $25 we will make mouthguards in school colors, with names or numbers, logos or almost whatever you may what on it within reason. Don’t wait until the last minute, call for an appointment to have them made before the season starts.