A healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence and improve your oral health. At Westlake Family Dental Care, our experienced cosmetic dentists use the latest dental techniques and technology to help you create the smile of your dreams. With an artistic eye and exceptional skills in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Jenn has helped many patients restore discolored, misshapen, chipped, crowded and missing teeth. She works with you to create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that can transform your look and give you something to smile about.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • Veneers — Veneers are thin porcelain coatings that are placed over the front surface of teeth. They can be used to close gaps, cover discoloration, make teeth appear straighter and improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped or misshapen. Dr. Jenn often uses veneers to completely make over the look of a patient’s smile.
  • Bonding — Bonding is one of the most affordable and least invasive cosmetic dental procedures. A tooth-colored composite resin material is used to improve the appearance of chipped, discolored or misshapen teeth. Minor imperfections can often be fixed without anesthesia. Tooth-colored composite resin can also be used to treat cavities and replace silver amalgam fillings.
  • Contouring and Reshaping — In some cases, Dr. Jenn can contour your natural tooth to fix small chips, even out your smile line or change the shape of your teeth. Advanced diode laser technology allows us to effectively reshape gums and correct a “gummy smile” with minimal discomfort and healing time.
  • Teeth Whitening — We offer several options to whiten and brighten your smile. In-office Boost® whitening can produce dramatic results in about an hour. If you want to spend less time in the dental chair, we offer custom-made trays and professional-grade bleaching gel for at-home or overnight whitening. Talk to Dr. Jenn about which option may be right for you.
  • Invisalign®— These clear, removable aligners can reduce crowding, close gaps, straighten teeth and correct a misaligned bite. A series of comfortable and convenient clear aligners are worn to gradually shift teeth and are effective for both teens and adults.
  • Orthodontics— We also offer traditional braces to correct crowding, spacing or a misaligned bite as well as retainers to keep teeth in place following orthodontic treatment.

Contact A Cosmetic Dentist Today

To schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist or to learn more about the services we offer at Westlake Family Dental Care, contact us online or call (440) 835-0011. We look forward to helping you enhance your smile and serving your family’s dental care needs.