Westlake Family Dental Care offers professional general dentistry services to patients of all ages. Our team of a highly skilled dentist, hygienists, assistants, and office staff will do their best to make you as comfortable as possible and provide you with an excellent dental experience.

Our main goals are to assure patients achieve and maintain a state of total dental health and have confidence in their smile. Regular dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays are the best way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and allow for early intervention to treat these diseases. These appointments are also a great opportunity to discuss any cosmetic or esthetic concerns a patient may have.

Whether your concern is receiving great routine care or achieving the smile of your dreams, Westlake Family Dental Care will help you get there.

Our General Dentistry services include:

  • Cleaning and Dental Exam – This includes state-of-the-art digital x-rays, oral cancer screening, periodontal exam to assess gum health, and TMJ assessment
  • Scaling and Root Planing – A deep cleaning to help treat gum disease (otherwise known as periodontal disease)
  • Fillings with tooth-colored composite material (mercury-free)
  • Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers – These are ceramic restorations that are meant to protect teeth with large fillings or root canals, replace a missing tooth, or cover teeth for cosmetic purposes.
  • Root Canal Therapy – When the nerve, or pulp, of the tooth becomes infected with bacteria from a cavity, a root canal is required to get rid of the infection
  • Extractions – If a tooth cannot be fixed with a filling or crown, it may need to be extracted
  • Implants – Dr. Jenn works closely with oral surgeons and periodontists that place the implant body, then the implant crown will be placed here at Westlake Family Dental Care.
  • Partial and Complete Dentures – These are removable plates made of acrylic or metal with artificial teeth attached, designed to fill in spaces where teeth are missing
  • Sealants – Sealants are a non-invasive method proven to drastically lower the chance of cavities forming on the biting surfaces of teeth. They are most effective when they are placed soon after the permanent molars erupt.
  • Custom Athletic Mouthguards – We can make a mouthguard that is custom fit to you or your child’s teeth and in a variety of colors. This makes the mouthguard more comfortable and thus more likely to be worn during athletic activity to protect the teeth from injury.
  • In-office or At-home Whitening – Our patients have two options when it comes to whitening: A simple in-office procedure using Boost® whitening gel, or having custom whitening trays made for at-home and overnight whitening.

If our doctors believe that your treatment requires the expertise of a specialist, they will refer you to one of the many trusted dental specialists in the area and work with them throughout your treatment.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (440) 835-0011.